A Couple Reasons to Look Foward to the Chevrolet Silverado

March 14th, 2022 by

The Chevy Silverado is all new this year, and with so many updates and new features too, there’s a lot to look forward to with this model year. Here are two of our favorites. 

Bigger and Lighter 

The Silverado has gained a couple inches of length in its fourth edition, as well as a wider wheelbase. It’s taller and wider as well, but it somehow manages to also be 450 pounds lighter than the previous model. It still utilizes the mixed materials strategy that GM prefers, including a steel body and frame. 

On the outside, the changes make the Chevy Silverado look even more impressive than in previous years, while on the inside, the extra space translates into an impressively large amount of legroom in the crew cab models. 

Easy Trailer Hookup 

Hooking up trailers can be a real pain, but Chevy has done some ingenious work to make it so simple a child could do it, if they could reach the pedals. There are multiple cameras, which show you how close you are to the hitch, and the dynamic guidelines help you know how far to turn the wheel to make sure you’re lined up. There’s even a side view so you can see if you’re getting to close to one of your neighbors when you’re at a local boat ramp or lined up at a crowded horse show. 

The new Silverado has many other great features for the new model year. You’ll definitely want to test drive one today.  Stop by our Sellersville, PA Chevrolet Dealer and get a great deal on this years Chevrolet models.