5 Great Car Safety Features You’ll Find in Today’s Chevy Vehicles

November 7th, 2021 by

Car safety features focus more on prevention these days. You wouldn’t think about getting in a car that didn’t have airbags or seatbelts, and these revolutionary innovations have saved countless lives over the years. Yet while they do a great job of cushioning drivers and passengers once a crash has happened, they don’t do anything to stop collisions. The cutting-edge technologies you will find on the vehicles at your Red Springs, NC Chevy dealer look to alert drivers to potential dangers on the roads.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Removing human error from driving is the ultimate goal of autonomous vehicles. Adaptive cruise control is found in many of today’s chevies and is very similar to the capabilities found in self-driving cars. Adaptive cruise control instinctively alters the speed depending on what the cars ahead are doing. This system creates a flawless experience using advanced tech like radar headway sensors and signal processors.

2. Forward Automatic Braking

It is not always possible to hit the brakes in time to avoid a collision. Automatic braking uses various sensors and cameras to perceive what’s going on all sides of your automobile and react accordingly. While some of these systems in other vehicles won’t forewarn the driver before squeezing the brakes, Chevy’s set-up provides a smoother experience. The driver will be notified of an impending crash, and if they are unable to stop the car themselves, the automatic braking system will do it for them.

3. Chevy Alerts

Warnings of various dangerous scenarios have a significant impact on helping drivers maintain control while on the roads. If you start to accidentally reverse into something, then the rear-cross traffic system will signal to the driver to take preventative action. Head-on collisions are made less likely by sensors that notice objects at the front of your vehicle and warn you of the danger.  

4. Lane Departure Warnings

Unexpectedly changing lanes is something that causes expensive crashes due to drivers bashing into the doors of other vehicles. It has long been thought such situations were inevitable when driving.

Lane keep assist and lane departure technologies seek to make such collisions a thing of the past. Sensors detect the markings on the road and warn drivers when they are coasting from their lane. These warnings are intrusive and almost impossible to ignore.

5. Pedestrian Braking

Pedestrian braking uses similar methods as the previous system to prevent accidents involving people on foot. The sensors are aware of what is immediately in front of the vehicle.

If your car happens to move forward while at a pedestrian crossing, and someone walks in front of you, the computer will operate the brakes and halt your car. This way, the likelihood of situations that could harm drivers or pedestrians is lowered.

As you can see, Chevy doesn’t compromise on the safety of its drivers and they fit their new vehicles with groundbreaking technologies. Visit A&T Chevrolet to find out more about which safety features are included in their cars.